Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Dynamically Compiled Functions

Dynamically compiled functions are functions that are compiled and linked while the program is executing. The Collector has no information about dynamically compiled functions that are written in C or C++ unless the user supplies the required information using the Collector API functions. See Dynamic Functions and Modules for information about the API functions. If information is not supplied, the function appears in the performance analysis tools as <Unknown>.

For Java programs, the Collector obtains information on methods that are compiled by the Java HotSpot virtual machine. You do not need to use the API functions to provide the information. For other methods, the performance tools show information for the JVM software that executes the methods. In the Java representation, all methods are merged with the interpreted version. In the machine representation, each HotSpot-compiled version is shown separately, and JVM functions are shown for each interpreted method.