Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


Numbers and Symbols

<JVM-System> functionindex icon<JVM-System> Function
<no Java callstack recorded> functionindex icon<no Java callstack recorded> Function
<Scalars> data object descriptorindex icon<Scalars> Data Object
<Total> data object descriptorindex icon<Total> Data Object
<Total> function
comparing times with execution statisticsindex iconComparisons of Timing Metrics
describedindex icon<Total> Function
<Truncated-stack> functionindex icon<Truncated-stack> Function
<Unknown> function
callers and calleesindex icon<Unknown> Function
mapping of PC toindex icon<Unknown> Function
--jdkhome analyzer command optionindex icon-j | --jdkhome jvm-path
-xdebugformat, setting debug symbol information formatindex iconCompiling to Analyze Source Code
.er.rc fileindex iconPerformance Analyzer Configuration File
.er.rc fileindex icon-{cc,scc,dcc} com-spec
index iconSetting Defaults in .er.rc Files
index iconSetting Defaults in .er.rc Files
locationsindex iconSetting Defaults in .er.rc Files
@plt functionindex iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects