Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


machine model
index iconMapping Performance Data to Memory Objects
index iconViews Settings
mangled function names
index iconCloned Functions
index iconCompiler-Generated Body Functions
memory allocationsindex iconHeap Tracing (Memory Allocation) Data
and leaksindex iconHeap View
effects on data collectionindex iconUsing Dynamically Allocated Memory
memory leaks, definitionindex iconMemory Allocation (Heap Tracing) Metrics
memory object
in Performance Analyzerindex iconViews Settings
with er_printindex iconmobj_define mobj-type index-exp
MemoryObjects viewsindex iconMemoryObjects Views
memoryspace profilingindex iconDataspace Profiling and Memoryspace Profiling
methods  Seeindex iconfunctions
index iconCallers-Callees View
  Seeindex iconattributed metrics
clock profiling
index iconClock Profiling
index iconClock Profiling Under Oracle Solaris
defaultindex iconFunctions View
definedindex iconPerformance Data
effect of correlationindex iconAccuracy of Timing Metrics
exclusive  Seeindex iconexclusive metrics
function-list  Seeindex iconfunction-list metrics
hardware counter, attributing to instructionsindex iconAttribution of Hardware Counter Overflows
heap tracingindex iconHeap Tracing (Memory Allocation) Data
inclusive  Seeindex iconinclusive metrics
inclusive and exclusive
index iconCallers-Callees View
index iconFunctions View
interpreting for instructionsindex iconInterpreting Annotated Disassembly
interpreting for source linesindex iconInterpreting Source Line Metrics
memory allocationindex iconHeap Tracing (Memory Allocation) Data
MPI tracingindex iconMPI Tracing Data
synchronization wait tracingindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Data
thresholdindex iconDisassembly View
threshold, settingindex iconSource View
time precisionindex iconFunctions View
timingindex iconClock Profiling Under Oracle Solaris
metrics per experimentindex iconExperiment IDs View
Metrics tabindex iconMetrics Settings
microstatesindex iconSelection Details Window
contribution to metricsindex iconClock Profiling
switchingindex iconTraps
moving an experiment
index iconMoving Experiments With the er_mv Utility
index iconMoving Experiments
MPI Chart Controlsindex iconMPI Chart Controls
MPI Chart viewindex iconMPI Chart View
MPI programs
collecting data fromindex iconCollecting Data From MPI Programs
collecting data with collect commandindex iconRunning the collect Command for MPI
experiment names
index iconStoring MPI Experiments
index iconExperiments for MPI Programs
MPI Timeline Controlsindex iconMPI Timeline Controls
MPI Timeline viewindex iconMPI Timeline View
MPI tracingindex iconMPI Tracing
collecting data with collect commandindex iconMPI Tracing with m option
functions tracedindex iconMPI Tracing Data
metricsindex iconMPI Tracing Data
preloading the Collector libraryindex iconCollecting Tracing Data From a Running Program
multithreaded applications
attaching the Collector toindex iconCollecting Data From a Running Process With dbx on Oracle Solaris Platforms
explicitindex iconExplicit Multithreading