Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


I/O tracingindex iconI/O View
collecting data with collect commandindex iconI/O Tracing with i option
I/O viewindex iconI/O View
inclusive metrics
definedindex iconFunction-Level Metrics: Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed
effect of recursion onindex iconHow Recursion Affects Function-Level Metrics
for outlined functionsindex iconInclusive Metrics
for PLT instructionsindex iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects
how computedindex iconCall Stacks and Program Execution
illustratedindex iconCall Tree Illustrating Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed Metrics
use ofindex iconFunction-Level Metrics: Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed
index linesindex iconIndex Lines in the Source View
in Disassembly tabindex iconAnnotated Disassembly Code
in Disassembly viewindex iconDisassembly View
in er_print utility
index iconsource|src { filename | function-name } [ N]
index iconsource|src { filename | function-name } [ N]
in Source tab
index iconAnnotated Disassembly Code
index iconIndex Lines in the Source View
in Source viewindex iconSource View
index lines, special
compiler-generated body functionsindex iconCompiler-Generated Body Functions
HotSpot-compiled instructionsindex iconDynamically Compiled Functions
instructions without line numbersindex iconDynamically Compiled Functions
Java native methodsindex iconJava Native Functions
outline functionsindex iconOutline Functions
index objectsindex iconindxobj indxobj-type
definingindex iconindxobj_define indxobj-type index-exp
listingindex iconindxobj_list
Index Objects viewsindex iconIndex Objects Views
index-object metrics
displaying list of in er_print utilityindex iconindx_metric_list
indxobj commandindex iconindxobj indxobj-type
indxobj_define commandindex iconindxobj_define indxobj-type index-exp
indxobj_list commandindex iconindxobj_list
inlined functionsindex iconInlined Functions
input file
terminating in er_print utility
index iconexit
index iconquit
to er_print utilityindex iconscript filename
Inst–Freq viewindex iconInst-Freq View
instruction frequency
printing list in er_print utilityindex iconifreq
instruction issue
delayindex iconInstruction Issue Delay
grouping, effect on annotated disassemblyindex iconInstruction Issue Grouping
Instructions per cycleindex iconMetric Name Strings
intermediate files, use for annotated source listingsindex iconIntermediate Files
interposition by Collector on system library functionsindex iconUsing System Libraries
interval, profiling  Seeindex iconprofiling interval
interval, sampling  Seeindex iconsampling interval
IPC metricindex iconMetric Name Strings