Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Pathmaps Settings

The Pathmaps settings enable you to map the leading part of a file path from one location to another to help Performance Analyzer locate source files. A path map is useful for an experiment that has been moved from the original location it was recorded. When the source can be found Performance Analyzer can display annotated source data in the Source and Disassembly views.

From path

Type the beginning of the path to the source that was used in the experiment. You can find this path by viewing the Selection Details panel when the experiment is open in Performance Analyzer.

To path

Type or browse to the beginning of the path to the source from the current location where you are running Performance Analyzer.

For example, if the experiment contains paths specified as /a/b/c/d/sourcefile and soucefile is now located in /x, you can use the Pathmaps setting to map /a/b/c/d/ to /x/. Multiple path maps can be specified, and each is tried in order to find a file.

See How the Tools Find Source Code for more information about how the path maps are used.