Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


fast trapsindex iconTraps
File menuindex iconMenu Bar
filter data from context menu
Call Tree viewindex iconCall Tree View
Callers-Callees viewindex iconCallers-Callees View
Functions viewindex iconFunctions View
filter expression examplesindex iconExample Filter Expressions
filtering and library visibilityindex iconSetting Library and Class Visibility
filtering experiment data
index iconUsing Filters
index iconFiltering Data
er_printindex iconCommands That Control Filtering of Experiment Data
with custom filtersindex iconUsing Advanced Custom Filters
with labelsindex iconUsing Labels for Filtering
font size
changingindex icon-f | --fontsize size
alternate entry pointsindex iconFortran Alternate Entry Points
Collector APIindex iconProgram Control of Data Collection Using libcollector Library
subroutinesindex iconLoad Objects and Functions
frames, stack  Seeindex iconstack frames
function calls
between shared objectsindex iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects
in single-threaded programsindex iconSingle-Threaded Execution and Function Calls
recursive, metric assignment toindex iconHow Recursion Affects Function-Level Metrics
function list
compiler-generated body functionindex iconCompiler-Generated Body Functions
printing in er_print utilityindex iconfunctions
sort order, specifying in er_print utilityindex iconsort metric_spec
function names, choosing long or short form in er_print utilityindex iconname { long | short } [ :{ shared-object-name | no-shared-object-name } ]
function PCs, aggregation
index iconPCs View
index iconLines View
function-list metrics
displaying list of in er_print utilityindex iconmetric_list
selecting default in .er.rc fileindex icondmetrics metric-spec
selecting in er_print utilityindex iconmetrics metric-spec
setting default sort order in .er.rc fileindex icondsort metric-spec
<JVM-System>index icon<JVM-System> Function
<no Java callstack recorded>index icon<no Java callstack recorded> Function
<Total>index icon<Total> Function
<Truncated-stack>index icon<Truncated-stack> Function
<Unknown>index icon<Unknown> Function
@pltindex iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects
address within a load objectindex iconLoad Objects and Functions
aliasedindex iconAliased Functions
alternate entry points (Fortran)index iconFortran Alternate Entry Points
index iconCloned Functions
index iconCloned Functions
Collector API
index iconDynamic Functions and Modules
index iconProgram Control of Data Collection Using libcollector Library
definition ofindex iconLoad Objects and Functions
dynamically compiled
index iconDynamically Compiled Functions
index iconDynamically Compiled Functions
index iconDynamic Functions and Modules
globalindex iconAliased Functions
inlinedindex iconInlined Functions
MPI, tracedindex iconMPI Tracing Data
non-unique, names ofindex iconNon-Unique Function Names
index iconOutline Functions
index iconOutline Functions
static, in stripped shared libraries
index iconStatic Functions
index iconStatic Functions From Stripped Shared Libraries
static, with duplicate namesindex iconNon-Unique Function Names
system library, interposition by Collectorindex iconUsing System Libraries
variation in addresses ofindex iconProcess Image
wrapperindex iconNon-Unique Function Names
Functions viewindex iconFunctions View