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man pages section 3: Library Interfaces and Headers

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Updated: Thursday, June 13, 2019

libvorbisenc (3lib)


libvorbisenc - Xiph.org compression format library


Please see following description for synopsis


libvorbis(3lib)               Interface Libraries              libvorbis(3lib)

       libvorbis - Xiph.org compression format library

       libvorbis  is  an  implementation  of  the  Vorbis specification by the
       Xiph.org foundation. libvorbis provides an API to work with the  Vorbis
       multimedia compression format.

       Vorbis  is an audio compression scheme that is designed to be contained
       in the Ogg container. Note that other  formats  are  capable  of  being
       embedded in an Ogg container, such as FLAC and Speex.

       libvorbis  contains  the Vorbis reference encoder and decoder.  This is
       the lowest-level interface to the Vorbis encoder and decoder. If you're
       just  looking  for a simple way to extract the audio from an Ogg Vorbis
       file, you probably want to use vorbisfile rather than using libogg  and
       libvorbis directly.

       The  Vorbisfile library provides a convenient high-level API for decod-
       ing and basic manipulation of all Vorbis I audio streams. libvorbisfile
       is  implemented  as  a  layer on top of Xiph.Org's reference libogg and
       libvorbis libraries.

       Libvorbisenc is a convenient API for setting up an encoding environment
       using libvorbis. Libvorbisenc encapsulates the actions needed to set up
       the encoder properly.

       The following files are provided by this library:

           Vorbis 32-bit shared library

           Vorbis 64-bit shared library

           Libvorbisenc 32-bit shared library

           Libvorbisenc 64-bit shared library

           Vorbisfile 32-bit shared library

           Vorbisfile 64-bit shared library

           pkg-config(1) file for Vorbis 32-bit shared library

           pkg-config(1) file for Vorbis 64-bit shared library

           pkg-config(1) file for Libvorbisenc 32-bit shared library

           pkg-config(1) file for Libvorbisenc 64-bit shared library

           pkg-config(1) file for Vorbisfile 32-bit shared library

           pkg-config(1) file for Vorbisfile 64-bit shared library

           Location of developer documentation

       See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability   | codec/libvorbis       |
       |Stability      | Pass-through volatile |
       libogg(3lib), attributes(7), gnome-interfaces(7)

       This    software    was    built    from    source     available     at
       https://github.com/oracle/solaris-userland.    The  original  community
       source  was  downloaded  from   http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/vor-

       Further information about this software can be found on the open source
       community website at https://xiph.org/vorbis/.

Solaris 11.4                      7 Apr 2017                   libvorbis(3lib)