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man pages section 3: Library Interfaces and Headers

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Updated: Thursday, June 13, 2019

tt_netfile_file (3)


tt_netfile_file - map between canonical and local pathnames on the local host


#include <Tt/tt_c.h>
char *tt_netfile_file(const char *netfilename);


tt_netfile_file(3)            ToolTalk Functions            tt_netfile_file(3)

       tt_netfile_file  -  map  between  canonical  and local pathnames on the
       local host

       #include <Tt/tt_c.h>
       char *tt_netfile_file(const char *netfilename);

       The tt_netfile_file() function converts a  netfilename  of  the  format
       returned by tt_file_netfile(3) to a pathname that is valid on the local
       host.  If the file is not currently mounted on the local host,  tt_net-
       file_file() constructs a pathname of the form:


       where  mountpoint  is the mount point pathname in the environment vari-
       able DTMOUNTPOINT, or /net if the variable is null or unset.

       The netfilename argument is a copy of a null-terminated string returned
       by tt_netfile_file(3) or tt_host_netfile_file(3).

       Upon  successful  completion,  the tt_netfile_file() function returns a
       null-terminated local filename; otherwise, it returns an error pointer.
       The application can use tt_ptr_error(3) to extract one of the following
       Tt_status values from the returned pointer:

                  The netfilename argument is not a valid netfilename.

       The tt_file_netfile(3), tt_netfile_file(3), tt_host_file_netfile(3) and
       tt_host_netfile_file(3)  functions  allow an application to determine a
       path valid on remote hosts, perhaps for purposes of constructing a com-
       mand  string valid for remote execution on that host.  By composing the
       two calls, paths for files not accessible from the current host can  be
       constructed.   For  example, if path /sample/file is valid on host A, a
       program running on host B can use

            tt_host_netfile_file("C", tt_host_file_netfile("A", "/sample/file"))

       to determine a path to the same file valid on host C, if such a path is

       The  netfilename string input to tt_netfile_file() should be considered
       opaque; the content and format of the strings are not a  public  inter-
       face.   These  strings can be safely copied (with strcpy(3C) or similar
       methods), written to files, or transmitted to other processes,  perhaps
       on other hosts.

       The  mountpoint  value  is intended to be the mount point for the auto-
       mounter's host map on those systems supporting automounting services.

       Allocated  strings  should  be  freed  using   either   tt_free(3)   or

       The tt_open(3) function need not be called before tt_netfile_file().

       See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability   | library/tooltalk |
       |Stability      | Committed        |
       tt_c(5), tt_file_netfile(3), tt_host_file_netfile(3), tt_host_net-
       file_file(3), tt_open(3), tt_free(3), tt_release(3).

ToolTalk 1.3                     1 March 1996               tt_netfile_file(3)