The content development environment is where ATG Content Administration runs, and business users—authors, editors, and other content creators—create and manage content that is deployed to production Web sites.

ATG Content Administration itself is a set of tools that lets you automate the creation, deployment, and maintenance of assets required to run an ATG-based Web site. ATG Content Administration can manage assets such as JSP pages and content files, and personalization assets such as scenarios and targeters.

ATG Content Administration extends the ATG data architecture so you can track multiple versions of data. It uses a workflow mechanism that defines routing and approval processes, and it automates ATG best practices for deployment.

This chapter contains the following sections:

  • Terminology defines essential ATG content development terms.

  • ATG Content Administration Architecture illustrates the basic configuration of the content development and production environments for a Web site that serves ATG Content Administration-managed content.

  • Repositories provides a repository-level view of the content development environment.

  • Versioning Assets describes the versioning system that is used by ATG Content Administration.