Use the To Do tab to manage any deployments that are not automatically started by a workflow deployment element or the RecurringDeploymentService. From this tab, select the projects to deploy and click Deploy Selected Projects. Options appear that let you perform the following tasks:

Click Deploy after you select the appropriate settings for this project.

Setting Strict Update Constraints

Before deploying you can set one or both of the following checkboxes:

If these options are set, the deployment succeeds only if all project assets of the specified type—file and/or repository assets—have matching data on the target site. For example, a deployment might set Strict File Update Operations; if the deployment specifies to remove a file asset and that asset is missing on the target site, the deployment fails and returns errors.

These options can be useful for sites that set rigorous standards for data integrity. If these options are left unset, data discrepancies generate warnings, but do not prevent the deployment from going forward.