The following diagram shows how repositories are used in a content development environment.

A content development environment has three types of repositories:

Asset Types

Project assets are of two types: repository assets or file assets. The following table briefly describes how repository and file assets are maintained in content development and production environments:

Asset type/Examples

Development environment

Production environment

Repository asset

Commerce assets such as product catalogs

Stored in versioned repository, instance of VersionRepository.

Stored in a standard repository, instance of GSARepository.

File asset

ATG personalization assets: targeters, content and profile groups, user segments, scenarios, slots

JSPs and JSP fragments

Static text files: HTML and readme files

Binary files: Microsoft Word files, PDFs

Metadata stored in versioned content repository, instance of VersionRepository; exposed via virtual file system ContentRepositoryVFSService for use in various contexts, such as deployment.

Stored in a virtual file system.