During a full switch deployment, the SwitchableLocalFileSystem must delete all file assets from the target site’s inactive directory before updated content can be deployed from ATG Content Administration. On a large site, the deletion process can significantly delay updates to the live site. You can optimize deployment by configuring the SwitchableLocalFileSystem to enable background deletion: when switch deployment begins, the VFS simply moves the current inactive directory to a temporary directory and proceeds with deployment. Separately, it launches another thread that is responsible for physically removing files from the temporary directory—which it typically defers until system resources are more plentiful.

Note: By default, full deployment of file system assets is optimized through checksum verification, which minimizes disk reads and writes (see Cache Checksums for File Assets). This is usually faster than full deployment with background deletion, where checksum verification is disabled (see Requirements and Constraints), so all files eventually must be physically removed from disk. In general, full deployment with background deletion is appropriate when you must purge a target site of all file system assets.


Three SwitchableLocalFileSystem properties enable background deletion and control its behavior:

Requirements and Constraints

The following requirements and constraints apply to background deletion of file system assets: