After you initialize a target, you can add a deployment agent to that site as follows:

  1. Configure the deployment agent as described earlier (see Configure Target Site Deployment Agents).

  2. Return to the target site’s Configuration page and click Make Changes Live.

  3. Perform the steps associated with one of the following conditions:

    If the new agent is responsible for...

    Perform these steps:

    File assets (ConfigFileSystem or WWWFileSystem)

    Perform a full deployment on the target site.

    File assets whose file directories are on a sharable network resource used by other agents in the ATG Content Administration cluster

    Check to be sure that the file system points to the network resource.

    Repository assets

    1. Open the Component Browser page in Dynamo Server Admin and navigate to /atg/epub/DeploymentServer

    2. Scroll to the target site. In the Force Snapshot ID field, enter the Current Installed Agent Snapshot value.

    3. Click Init.

  4. If using switch deployment, verify that the new agent switchable datastore settings are consistent with the agents for the same target site, as follows:

    • From the Admin Console, click Overview.

    • Navigate to the target site of the new agent.

    • Click on the Agents tab.

    • From the Agents tab, click Switchable Datastores

    The Agents tab lists the target datastores that each agent is configured to switch, and identifies which datastores are currently live.