You can use the Dynamo Component Browser to view the details of a target site’s DeploymentAgent component: the agent’s deployment state, deployment mode, current live data store, and so on. The view includes Cluster Status Detail sections for each cluster that deploys to that agent. Each section lists the repositories deployed from the cluster, the time stamp of the latest deployment, and other cluster-specific information.

The DeploymentAgent component is found in Nucleus on the target site: /atg/epub/DeploymentAgent. You can access the Dynamo Component Browser as follows:


For more information about the Dynamo Component Browser and default port used by your application server, see the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.

Deleting cluster data

On occasion, you might need to remove ATG Content Administration cluster data from a target site’s deployment agents. Generally, you do this after deleting the deployment topology of an ATG Content Administration cluster. For example, you might remove the existing deployment topology of cluster CA1, then create a topology for cluster CA2 that maps the same repositories as CA1. Before making the CA2 changes live, you must remove the stale CA1 deployment data from the target site’s deployment agents—both Publishing agents and Publishing Web agents; otherwise, the agents return errors when you try to deploy from CA2.

You remove cluster data from deployment agents as follows: