When a deployment fails—for example, a server crashes or network connectivity lapses—you can often recover as follows:

After deployment recovery is complete, the target site is in a known, stable state and you can resume deploying to it as usual.

For information on full and incremental deployments, see Deployment Scope.

Resuming Deployment from a Failed Asset Management Server

In a clustered environment, an asset management server might fail during a deployment that it initiated. In that case, you cannot access the deployment from other asset management servers in the same cluster, When viewed from other servers, the Details tab for the deployment target does not display the usual deployment options, such as resume, stop, and roll back. Instead, it displays the following error message:

An RMI error encountered calling remote current deployment
'deployment-id' to target 'Production': getStatus() may or may not have been
passed to the running deployment

After the initiating server restarts, all available actions that pertain to the deployment become available again, and are accessible from any asset management server in the ATG Content Administration cluster.