In order to set up deployment from an ATG Content Administration cluster:

  • For each cluster server, complete the deployment procedures described in Setting Up Deployment.

  • For each cluster server, set its serverName and drpPort properties in /atg/dynamo/service/ to values that are unique within the cluster.

    For example, you might set server jupiter as follows:


    Then you can set server saturn as follows:


  • Set up a ServerLockManager and ClientLockManagers for the asset management server cluster. A ClientLockManager must be set up on each ATG server in the cluster. For information about configuring a ServerLockManager and ClientLockManagers, refer to the SQL Repository Caching chapter in the ATG Repository Guide.

    Note: Do not run any ATG Content Administration modules or DAF Deployment on a standalone ServerLockManager. Doing so causes deployment deadlocks.

  • In order to Configure a Cluster for Switch Deployment, set each server’s remoteHosts, remoteRMIPorts, and remotePorts properties appropriately.

Configure a Cluster for Switch Deployment

In order to enable Switch Deployment from a multi-server cluster, each server must be configured with contact data about the other servers in the cluster. For each server in a cluster, configure these properties in /atg/epub/Configuration:

For example, server might have the following settings for other servers in the same cluster: