Over time, the versioning system in ATG Content Administration can accumulate a large number of asset versions and completed projects. As asset versions accumulate, they can strain storage capacity and system performance. It is generally a good idea to periodically purge versioned repositories of outdated projects and asset versions.

AN ATG Content Administration purge encompasses all versioned repositories and file systems. The purge operates on asset versions and projects whose check-in date is earlier than the specified purge cut-off date.

The length of a purge depends on the number of repository and file assets that need to be purged. A purge that encompasses a large number of file assets can be lengthy. This is especially likely if no purge has been executed for a long time. In that case, you can minimize system overhead and user inconvenience by scheduling multiple purges, where each purge specifies a more recent cut-off date than the one before it.

Note: Each purge operation executes in a transaction. If a purge encompasses a large number of assets, you might need to raise your application server’s transaction timeout setting—for example, reset the JBoss TransactionTimeout attribute in <JBdir>/server/atg/conf/jboss-service.xml.

Scheduled and On-Demand Purge

You can initiate purges in two ways: