File asset metadata is stored in the PublishingFileRepository. Actual file assets—WWWFileSystem files, scenarios, targeters, segments, folders, and JSPs—are stored and versioned in a file system. The file system is located by default at:


The fa100 directory contains one or more subdirectories named after integers. For example:


By default, the 0 directory contains a maximum of 1000 file assets and 30 versions of those assets. If the number of file assets exceeds 1000, a new directory called 1 is created, and so on.

Individual files are stored with a file asset ID that has the root fa100. The version number is appended. For example:


Note the following:

Caution: Be sure to back up file asset directories up at the same time as the ATG Content Administration database. Conflicts between the file store and the database can cause serious errors.