The atg.service.vfs.LocalVFSService class is a VFS implementation for a local file system.

This VFS implementation is used in your staging and production environments if you configure your targets for online mode deployments performed (see Deployment Modes).

You can configure the following properties of a LocalVFSService:




The local directory to hold the file system (created on demand)—for example, {atg.dynamo.home}/doc.

This is the directory to which the files should be deployed from the asset management server. Make sure the directory does not store files used by other services; it should contain only files deployed from the VFS at the exact same Nucleus location on the asset management server.


Turns on checksum caching for this VFS, which can be used to improve deployment times for systems where large numbers of file assets are being deployed. See Cache Checksums for File Assets for more information on the checksum caching properties in this service.


Used if checksum caching is enabled. Specifies the encoding used to save the cache data (UTF-8, by default).


Specifies the directory to be used to store the checksum cache data.