An itemMapping is a top-level container object where you configure the edit mode and display of an asset type. itemMappings provide default mapping information for general classes of asset types, such as repository items and virtual files.

Item Descriptor Definition

The itemMapping item descriptor is defined in ViewMapping.xml:

<item-descriptor name="itemMapping" id-space-names="viewmapping"
    default="true" display-property="description" query-cache-size="80">

    <table name="vmap_im" type="primary" id-column-names="id">
      <property name="id" data-type="string"/>
      <property name="name"/>
      <property name="description"/>
      <property name="itemPath" column-name="item_path"/>
      <property name="itemName" column-name="item_name"/>
      <property name="isReadOnly" column-name="is_readonly"
      <property name="formHandler" column-name="form_handler"
      <property name="mode" column-name="mode_id" required="true"

    <!-- attributes property -->
    <table name="vmap_attrval_rel" type="multi"
      id-column-name="mapper_id" multi-column-name="name">
      <property name="attributes" column-name="attribute_id"
        data-type="map" component-item-type="attributeValue"

    <!-- viewMappings property, maps to array of ItemViewMapping -->
    <table name="vmap_im2ivm_rel" type="multi" id-column-name="item_id"
      <property name="viewMappings" data-type="list"
        column-name="view_id" component-item-type="itemViewMapping"

itemMapping Properties

itemMapping properties include the following:




The name of the item mapping. For all item mappings, specify the default value, which is an asterisk (*).

Note: This property anticipates future releases of ATG Content Administration.


Optional description of the item mapping.


The Nucleus path of the component that represents the asset’s repository or VFS.

For example, the itemPath for the default text file asset type is set to:



The repository item descriptor name or the VFS file type of this asset. For example, the itemName value for the default text file asset type is wwwTextFileAsset.


A reference to a View Mapping formHandler item used to handle input of asset properties.


The map mode to use for this mapping. For more information, see Map Modes.


Optional key/value pairs that define an attribute of this item mapping.


A list of itemViewMapping references. Each itemViewMapping corresponds to a separate tab of asset information.