In ATG Content Administration, a target site is a logical grouping of one or more servers that serve the same content. When you deploy assets, you deploy them to a specified target site. The following diagram illustrates a single target site in a production environment:

This diagram shows deployment of several projects to a single target site in a production environment. A production or staging environment can include one or several target sites (see Identify Deployment Target Sites). When you deploy projects to a site, every server in the site is updated with the asset versions from those projects. The diagram shows both server clusters in the site being updated by a deployment that is in progress.

This diagram shows a single target site; however, your configuration can include multiple sites. Moreover, each site can include multiple server clusters.

Note: In the context of ATG Content Administration deployment, the term target site or site denotes a logical grouping of one or more servers where projects are deployed. In this sense, your staging and production environments can include one site or several sites. However, a single- or multi-server ATG Content Administration environment cannot be used to manage the assets for multiple Web sites—for example, and

Target site servers run one of the following agents: