After setting up target site deployment agents, you can start them as described in the following sections:

Caution: Do not use any ATG Content Administration modules or the DAF.Deployment module with a standalone GSA lock manager server. Doing so causes the lock server to become a slave server of the deployment. It attempts to deploy files, and the deployment deadlocks as a result. Symptoms include the deployment cycling in a time out loop.

Running the Publishing Agent

To activate the Publishing agent on an ATG server, assemble an application that includes the following application module:


You also use non-versioned modules with your ATG Content Administration application on the target site. After assembling the application, deploy it to the appropriate server. For information on ATG modules and application assembly, see the ATG Platform Programming Guide.

Running the Publishing Web Agent

To use the Publishing Web agent with a Web server:

If you also have a configured DistributorServer on the Web server (as part of a Content Distributor system), you can start up the Distributor and PublishingWebAgent modules at the same time, as in the following example:

bin/startNucleus –m PublishingWebAgent:Distributor

For information on Content Distributor systems, see the Content Distribution chapter in the ATG Platform Programming Guide.