After you Plan Deployment Topology, you can implement it through the Admin Console in the Business Control Center. The Admin Console lets you set up the target sites, agents, and agent responsibilities that define an ATG Content Administration deployment topology:

  1. Assemble a Web application that includes asset management server according to the instructions in the ATG Platform Programming Guide. Deploy the application to the appropriate server.

  2. Access the Business Control Center.

  3. Log in as a user with access rights to the Admin Console (see Accessing the Admin Console).

  4. In the Home page, under ATG Content Administration click Admin Console.

  5. From the Deployment Administration page, click Configuration.

  6. From the Configuration page, click Add Site. You then configure the new site on its Details and Agents tabs, where you:

Note: You can also define a deployment topology by Editing deploymentTopology.xml, as described later in this section.