The Oracle ATG Web Commerce Business Control Center is a browser-based tool that is the primary interface to most ATG Content Administration-related tasks. Business users perform all ATG Content Administration activity with this tool, except for some asset editing in the ATG Control Center (ACC). Administrators use the Business Control Center to configure and manage deployment of assets to one or more target sites.

This guide shows how to use the Business Control Center to perform deployment-related tasks. Detailed information about using it to perform asset creation and editing is contained in the ATG Content Administration Guide for Business Users.

To access the Business Control Center, point your Web browser to the server where ATG Content Administration is running. The URL takes the following form:


The default port numbers are:

When the login dialog box appears, enter the username (login name) and password defined in your ATG user profile. The fields are case sensitive. Note that a default profile is provided for administrators. The username is admin. The password for this profile is defined through CIM during the post-installation setup process. Alternatively, passwords can be set for this profile through the ACC. Refer to the ATG Business Control Center Administration and Development Guide for more information.

The default administrator account includes the EPub-Super-Admin role, which provides full access to all ATG Content Administration features within the Business Control Center. For more information on roles, refer to the ATG Business Control Center Administration and Development Guide.