Follow these steps to set up switch deployment on the asset management server.

  1. Set up the appropriate Nucleus components for a SwitchingDataSource. SwitchingDataSources must be configured on the asset management server for each production-site destination repository and must point to the target databases. See the diagram in Destination Repositories, which shows a switch deployment configuration.

  2. In the Nucleus component that configures atg.service.jdbc.SwitchingDataSource, configure the dataSources property so it uses the same data source names configured on the agents in the appropriate target.

  3. Set the property SwitchingDataSource.initialDataSourceName to the data source that is not the one specified in the initialDataSourceName on the target servers. This behavior ensures deployment of the inactive database on the target servers.

For example, the properties file /atg/dynamo/service/jdbc/ for the asset management server might look like this:

Configuring a Multi-Server Cluster

In order to enable Switch Deployment from a multi-server cluster, each server must be configured with contact data about the other servers in the cluster. For more information, see Configure a Cluster for Switch Deployment.