This chapter shows how to import site content into versioned repositories and schemas, in the following steps:

Note: This procedure assumes an existing Web site that is packaged as an ATG application module, with well-defined repository definitions and database schemas.

Setup Scripts

ATG Content Administration provides two scripts that can help you import content into the versioned repositories. These are described at the end of this chapter:

  • exportRepository exports the contents of one or more standard repositories.

  • importRepository imports the contents of a data file generated with exportRepository into a standard or versioned repository.

Related Tasks

Before you set up the versioned database, you must first Create and Install the Versioned Database Schema, as described in the previous chapter.

If your environment includes ATG applications that run on top of ATG Content Administration, such as Oracle ATG Web Commerce Merchandising, you must install database tables that are specific to those applications and import data into them. See the manual that describes your application for instructions.