ATG Content Administration uses workflows to define the tasks that constitute a project’s lifecycle, and to manage the project’s progress from one task to another. Workflows typically let users perform these tasks:

You can customize workflows to suit your business requirements. For example, the default workflow provides only one content review task; if desired, you can modify the workflow so it provides multiple content review cycles by different reviewers.

A project’s workflow defines deployment targets; it also specifies whether assets are deployed directly to production targets, or are initially deployed to staging targets where they can be evaluated before final deployment to production. You decide which deployment model to use when you assemble the asset management server’s Web application (see Installed Workflows).

Note: All project workflows must use the same deployment model: either Production-Only or Staging/Production.

Recommended Background Reading

This chapter describes the workflows that are provided with ATG Content Administration, and explains how you can modify them. It assumes you are familiar with the following documentation:

Chapter Contents

This chapter contains the following sections: