The atg.service.vfs.SelectiveDeleteVFSService class is a VFS implementation for a local file system that supports selective deletion of files. This VFS implementation must be used in Web application staging and production environments where you deploy JSPs (see Configure JSP File Asset Support).

Because a Web application can contain other files besides JSPs such as servlets, the VFS must provide a mechanism to indicate explicitly which files in the local file system can be deleted during a deployment. This is essential for a full deployment, which otherwise deletes all files in the asset destination before writing the new files. Also, a deployment that explicitly deletes a file can succeed only if SelectiveDeleteVFSService makes the file available for deletion.

You can configure the following properties of a SelectiveDeleteVFSService:




The root folder of the Web application—for example, {atg.dynamo.root}/Publishing/WebAppRef/j2ee-apps/webappref. This is the exploded directory where Web application JSPs should be deployed from the asset management server.


The list of extensions for the file types that can be deleted when the file system is updated by a deployment. Typically, this property is set to jsp,jspf. If this property is empty, no files can be deleted.


If specified, exposes for deletion only those files with the specified file extension that are also on one of the specified paths. filePaths can specify one or more comma-delimited file paths as follows:


Used in combination, fileExtensions and filePaths provide the following options for determining which files are exposed for deletion:

Property settings

Files to delete




All files with the specified extension


All files on the specified path with the ext extension.