The PurgingService component /atg/epub/purge/PurgingService can be configured to start purges at regular intervals or on specific dates. By default, the scheduler property is set to /atg/dynamo/service/Scheduler. As with other ATG services, you can set the schedule property as follows:

You set the purge cut-off date by supplying an integer value to the maxAgeDays property—by default, set to 365. Thus, a value of 15 specifies that each scheduled purge removes versions that are 15 days old or older.

The exact purge cut-off timestamp is determined by the property roundPurgeCutoffToPreviousMidnight. If set to true (default), the value supplied to maxAgeDays is rounded to the previous midnight. If set to false, the purge cut-off timestamp is not rounded.

For detailed information on setting schedules, see the Scheduler Services section in the ATG Platform Programming Guide.