To enable direct SQL deployment, set the useDirectSQLReplication property in the /atg/epub/deploymentServer component on the asset management server to true.

Note: To use direct SQL deployment with an MSSQL database, you must configure your datasources as described in the Direct SQL Deployment and Microsoft SQL Server section of the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.

During direct SQL deployment, every repository is replicated in its own thread; each thread uses the /atg/epub/version/VersionManagerService.replicationTransactionBatchSize property to determine how much data to deploy under each transaction. The default is to do no transaction batching; however, many databases perform better when batching is used. If you have a large data set, experiment with transaction batch sizes to find the optimal value for your data.

The maximum number of threads to use during data transfer is controlled by the /atg/epub/version/VersionManagerService.maxReplicationThreadCount property. Each repository is replicated in its own thread, but if you have many repositories to deploy, the number of concurrent processes could overwhelm your network. Use the maxReplicationThreadCount property to limit the number of threads to use during replication.

If you are using direct SQL deployment on an Oracle database, you may need to increase the maximum concurrent open database links setting in the INIT.ORA file. The default limit is four; if you want to map more than three repositories for deployment, you need to increase the limit.

Note also that if you are using direct SQL deployment and your publishing and production database schemas are on different machines, you must set up database links (Oracle) or linked servers (MSSQL) between the schemas. If all of your schemas are on the same host, you do not need to create links or linked servers; however, your DBA must grant the following privileges for the publishing schema on the target schemas: select, update, delete, and insert.

Once you have enabled direct SQL deployment, the ATG Content Administration user interface displays the option to administrators in the Configuration tab.

Note: If you enable direct SQL deployment, you can still use standard deployment for incremental deployments. All full deployments will use direct SQL deployment when it is enabled.