You can automate many aspects of deployment monitoring and management by configuring event listeners on the asset management server and the target servers, to listen for deployment events that include a specific state code.

To create and configure a DeploymentEventListener:

For an example, examine the source code for the DeploymentEmailer Listener class, which is located at:


DeploymentEmailer Listener

ATG Content Administration includes this DeploymentEventListener class:


You can use this listener to send email notifications when a deployment succeeds, is interrupted, or fails.

By default, instances of the DeploymentEmailer class listen for deployment events that are fired when a deployment enters one of the following states:

On receiving such an event, the listener sends an email message to a specified recipient.

To set up a DeploymentEmailer listener, first configure an instance of the DeploymentEmailer class on the asset management server. For example:



The following table describes the properties to configure:




The SMTPEmailSender service through which to send the email.

ATG provides a standard component of type SMTPEmailSender at:


For more information on email senders and listeners, see the ATG Platform Programming Guide.


The sender’s email address.


The destination email address.


Specifies the level of message detail:

True: The listener sends a short, pager-sized message.

False (default): The listener sends a longer, more verbose message.


Specifies whether to enable the listener:

True (default): The listener is enabled to send email notifications.

False: The listener is disabled.

After the DeploymentEmailer listener is configured, register it with the /atg/epub/DeploymentServer by adding it to the list of listeners in the deploymentEventListeners property.

If you require different functionality for the event listener, create a subclass of DeploymentEmailer, override its deploymentEvent() method with your own implementation, and configure an instance of this subclass.