The atg.epub.servlet.BinaryFileAssetFormHandler lets you create and update binary file assets. Although you can modify the properties of binary assets in ATG, if you want to modify the file’s contents, you need to work with the original file on your file system. ATG includes another class, TextFileAssetFormHandler, which lets you create assets from binary files: the contents of those files appear as an editable property value in the resultant asset.

This class uses a request-scoped component that temporarily stores its contents in the session-scoped asset info component defined for a given page. That way, one BinaryFileAssetFormHandler component can service all form pages that are able to work with binary (non-text) assets. ATG Content Administration includes one component of this class called /atg/epub/servlet/BinaryFileAssetFormHandler.

Instead of creating pages that explicitly use this form handler, you create an item mapping that associates this form handler component with an asset type. The forms in JSPs rely on an asset editor to read the item mapping so that, when a user requests a binary asset, for example, the BinaryFileAssetFormHandler is used.

By default, the BinaryFileAssetFormHandler is available in the following contexts: