A deployment topology requires you to determine which agents in a target are responsible for managing target assets. Only one agent should manage a shared data store. For each agent, determine which repository or type of asset that agent will manage. The two examples that follow demonstrate the deployment responsibilities to assign to agents in various target configurations:

ATG Servers Share a Single Data Store

The following target includes two ATG servers that share a single data store.

While both deployment agents share the data store, only one is given responsibility for managing all data store assets, by selecting all available destinations in the Admin Console deployment UI.

You can also assign deployment responsibilities by giving agent P2 responsibility for managing all repository assets. This is permissible because there are no VFS assets in the target.

If you expand this sample target to include a second cluster of ATG servers that uses a second data store, the responsibility for managing the second store must be given to an agent that uses it.

ATG Servers and Web servers Use Shared and Local Data Stores

This target includes two ATG servers that share a data store that stores repository assets, and a Web server where static content files are deployed from the asset management server. The Web server has its own local VFS that stores file assets. This local VFS is located in Nucleus at /atg/epub/file/WWWFileSystem and is installed with the Publishing Web agent.

The various deployment agents have the following deployment responsibilities: