You set up ATG Content Administration deployment in the following steps:

Note: This procedure assumes that ATG is installed on your staging and/or production target servers.

  1. Plan Deployment Topology—that is, the target sites and agents that make up the environment where you deploy asset data.

  2. Set Up Deployment Agents.

  3. Within each deployment target:

  4. Configure the asset management server:

  5. If desired, on the asset management server and/or target servers, Configure Deployment Event Listeners that listen for deployment events and take appropriate action.

  6. Schedule Deletion of Empty Folders for folders whose assets moved to a renamed folder.

  7. Optionally, Cache Checksums for File Assets in order to optimize deployment of file assets. More generally, you can use other strategies to optimize frequent deployments, or deployments of very large numbers of assets. For more information, see Configuring DAF Deployment for Performance in the ATG Platform Programming Guide.