After you configure target sites, you must initialize the target sites for use with the DeploymentServer.

Note: If you use an MS SQL database, review the next section, Initializing Targets on MS SQL with Clustered Primary Keys, before starting the procedure below.

This procedure assumes the asset management server is already running.

  1. Start an application on each target server that includes the appropriate agents. For information on starting agents, see Running Deployment Agents earlier in this chapter.

  2. Access the Business Control Center and log in as a user with access rights to the Admin Console.

  3. In the Home page, expand the ATG Content Administration option in the Operations list, and click Admin Console.

  4. Click Configuration.

  5. Click Make Changes Live.

  6. Select Flag Agents Only or Do a Full Deployment as appropriate (see Site Initialization Options), and click Make Changes Live.

  7. Display the Overview page, and review the information that appears for the target sites you initialized.

You can also confirm target initialization by viewing the service information for the atg/epub/DeploymentServer component via the Component Browser in the Dynamo Server Admin interface.

If you need to restart an initialized target site application, you must also restart the asset management server applications that deploy to it.