ATG Content Administration supports versioning and management of JSPs and their deployment to Web applications running from an exploded directory in the target environment.

Like all file assets, the JSPs for a Web application have the following characteristics:

To support JSPs for Web applications, you must extend the PublishingFileRepository so it defines a subtype of the javaServerPage item type for each Web application to manage, as shown in the figure below:

You must also configure two virtual file systems for each subtype of javaServerPage:

Deployment Requirements and Constraints

The following requirements and constraints apply to JSP deployment support:

Configuration Steps

To configure the asset management server to manage and deploy JSPs to a Web application, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the Web Application Module to the Asset Management Server.

  2. Create the Web Application’s Versioned Module.

  3. Configure Targets for Deployments to the Web Application.

  4. Import Web application’s JSPs into the PublishingFileRepository. You can do so when you import the rest of your file assets (see Import Initial File Assets later in this chapter).