DAF Deployment architecture lets you deploy from a single asset management server to multiple sites, including multiple sites on a single target. Each site can receive a unique set of data. For example, site A can receive data from product catalog A while site B receives data from catalog B. You set up this type of configuration by omitting the appropriate repositories from the target sites. If the target repositories do not exist, ATG Content Administration does not deploy to them.

To set up this type of environment, create corresponding repositories on the target server or servers only for the repositories to be deployed from the ATG server. Data is only deployed to matching repositories.

In the illustration, production site 1 has no matching repository for source repository C, so this target site does not receive data from that repository. Similarly, repository A is not configured on production site 2, so this target does not receive data from repository A.

Note: Any repositories with data dependencies—for example, assets that have links to other assets—must be deployed to the same target.