The following two standard repositories store the data that ATG Content Administration requires:


The /atg/epub/version/VersionManagerRepository is a GSARepository that stores the development lines (branches, workspaces, and snapshots) and asset version metadata used by the /atg/epub/VersionManagerService, the default VersionManager provided with ATG Content Administration.

For more information on versioning concepts and terms, see Versioning Assets.


The /atg/epub/PublishingRepository is a GSARepository that stores the items required by the Business Control Center: processes, projects, workflows, and so on.

To secure access to its items, the PublishingRepository has a secured repository configured on top. The secured repository is located in Nucleus at /atg/epub/SecuredPublishingRepository. For information on configuring security of the PublishingRepository, see the chapter Managing User Access and Security.

Note the following about the PublishingRepository: