The atg.vfs.repository.ContentRepositoryVFSService class is a VFS implementation that sits on top of a content repository and exposes the content items as virtual files. It provides the necessary support for managing file assets in a versioned environment.

This VFS implementation is used in the content development environment to expose the file assets in the /atg/epub/file/PublishingFileRepository as virtual files for use in various contexts, such as deployment. One ContentRepositoryVFSService instance should exist for each asset destination in your deployment targets to which file assets are to be deployed.

You can configure the following properties of a ContentRepositoryVFSService:




The ContentRepository that contains the items to expose as virtual files.

This property must be set to:


This is the secured repository that sits on top of and controls access to the /atg/epub/file/PublishingFileRepository.


A comma-separated list of the names of the item descriptors that are viewable and accessible through the VFS. A null value exposes all item types.

Note: Each item descriptor can be exposed via exactly one VFS in the content development environment. In other words, an item descriptor specified in this property for a given VFS cannot be specified in this property for any other VFS.


The item descriptor in the repository specified in the contentRepository property that represents a folder in the content repository. A null value uses the first item descriptor.

Always set this property to fileFolder, as this is the item descriptor that represents a folder in the PublishingFileRepository.