The atg.vfs.journal.JournalingFileSystemService class is a VFS implementation that wraps an underlying local VFS and keeps a journal of changes made to it.

This VFS implementation is used in your staging and production targets if you are using ATG Content Administration to manage your personalization and scenario assets. These assets are deployed to each /atg/epub/file/ConfigFileSystem (class atg.vfs.journal.JournalingFileSystemService) in a target. See Repositories for more information.

You can configure the following properties of a JournalingFileSystemService:




The underlying local VFS for which to keep a journal of changes.


The directory in which to create the journal file. If the directory does not exist, it is created.


The list of event listeners that should be notified when the VFS is updated. Listeners can iterate through the journal to identify specific types of changes and act accordingly.


Indicates whether to clear the data in the journal after all listeners are notified that the VFS is updated.