This example creates a form that permits users to define the criteria used for locating processes. The form provides a text field where a user can enter a partial process name. Drop-down lists allows users to select the status and workflow type of the process they want to locate. There is also a checkbox that allows users to specify that they want only processes they own to be returned.

<dspel:importbean bean="/atg/epub/servlet/ProcessSearchFormHandler"/>
<dspel:form name="searchForm2" formid="searchForm2" action="${actionURL}"

   <dspel:input type="hidden" bean="ProcessSearchFormHandler.startingWith"
   Process Name: <dspel:input bean="ProcessSearchFormHandler.textInput" size="30"

   <dspel:select bean="ProcessSearchFormHandler.status">
      <dspel:option value="Edit"> Editable Processes </dspel:option>
      <dspel:option value="EditRunning"> Editable Campaigns </dspel:option>
      <dspel:option value="Running"> Campaigns Deployed to a Target
      <dspel:option value="Deployed"> Processes Deployed to a Target
      <dspel:option value="Completed"> Completed Processes and Campaigns

   Type of Workflow: <dspel:select bean="ProcessSearchFormHandler.workflowType">
      <dspel:option value=""/>
      <dspel:option value="${workflow.processName}"/>

   Only My Processes:<dspel:input type="checkbox" value="true"

   <dspel:input type="submit" bean="" value="Find