The importRepository script imports the contents of the data file created by exportRepository into the versioned repositories on the asset management server. By default, the importRepository script performs these tasks:

  1. Deletes all data in the SQL repositories affected by the source data file.

  2. Imports the data into the repositories and checks it in as the initial version of repository data in the versioning system.

You can modify this behavior through various importRepository switches that apply to versioned and non-versioned repositories.

Run importRepository

To run importRepository:

  1. Copy the data file created by exportRepository to the asset management server.

  2. Navigate to the <ATG10dir>/home/bin directory on the asset management server

  3. Enter the importRepository command.

For example:

importRepository –m CatalogVer
                 –file /users/joe/CatalogExport.jar
                 –workspace initialcheckin