When you deploy a renamed folder to a target site, the assets in the original folder are moved to the new one; however, the original folder—now empty—remains on the target site. Empty folders are periodically removed by the following VFS components:

These components wake up at regular intervals and delete any empty folders that are older than the configured age. You can configure both components in their respective properties files, in /atg/epub/file:




A boolean, must be set to true (the default) in order to schedule empty directory removal.


Specifies in milliseconds how old an empty folder must be before it is eligible for removal. The default is 604800000 (one week).


Schedules empty folder removal by specifying a PeriodicSchedule and/or RelativeSchedule, or a CalendarSchedule.

Default setting:

every 1 hour in 1 hour

For detailed information on setting schedules, see the section Scheduler Services in the ATG Platform Programming Guide.

If you create a custom VFS, you should create and configure its own ConfigEmptyDirDeleter or WWWEmptyDirDeleter component for the appropriate agent. To configure this component, simply copy the appropriate properties file from the installed ATG distribution into the appropriate folder, and modify as needed. For example:



schedule=every 24 hours in 4 hours


You must also specify this component as one of the initial services in atg/epub/file/Initial.properties. For example: