Your Web application requires a versioned module that acts as an additional configuration layer for storing all resources required to manage the Web application’s JSP file assets. The procedure for setting up the versioned module for a Web application is basically the same as the procedure described earlier in this chapter for non-Web applications (see Create the Versioned Module), although you structure and configure module resources differently for JSP-based applications.

To set up the versioned module for a Web application, copy the demonstration WebAppRefVer module that is distributed with ATG Content Administration. For more information, see WebAppRef Reference Implementation.

If you copy the generated configuration files into another versioned module, be sure to modify the module’s manifest file accordingly so all required modules are included.

After you copy the structure and contents of the demonstration module, edit the following module resources:

Manifest File

The manifest file for the versioned module is located in:


Specify the Web application’s source module and Publishing.base as required modules. For example:

ATG-Required: Publishing.base MyWebApp

You must specify the Web application’s source module if it contains other resources, such as the original definition and configuration files for one or more repositories. This might be necessary for other reasons as well. For example, you might intend to run the Web application in the content development environment, using file mirroring to copy the new head versions of each JSP file asset to the Web application upon their check-in.

If there is no identified dependency on the Web application’s source module, you can omit it from the list of required modules.

Configuration Files

The necessary configuration files for the versioned module are located at <ATG10dir>/versioning-module-name/config/ or a subdirectory:

publishingFiles.xml file for the /atg/epub/file/PublishingFileRepository

Extends the repository to support the new item descriptor that represents the Web application’s JSP file assets.

.properties configuration file for the ContentRepositoryVFSService

Sits on top of the PublishingFileRepository and exposes the Web application’s JSPs as files. Note that the VFS name is composed of the source module’s name plus FileSystem.

Configuration file for the /atg/epub/version/VersionManagerService

Adds the new VFS to the list of VFSs it must manage; this list is specified in the VersionManagerService.versionedVirtualFileSystems property.

Type mapping component

Converts the Web application’s JSPs into content repository items. The component name is composed of the item descriptor name plus TypeMapping. This component is used when importing the JSPs into the content development environment using the Repository Loader.

Configuration file for the component /atg/epub/file/typemappers/

Adds the new type mapping component to the list of available type mapping components. For use when importing the JSPs into the content development environment using the Repository Loader

lib File (I18N)

A single resource configuration file that stores the resource strings for the repository definition file, used for internationalization and localization purposes. The resource file name is composed of the item descriptor name plus FileRepositoryResources.

The resource file is located in:


liveconfig File

A publishingFiles.xml file for the /atg/epub/file/PublishingFileRepository that sets the new item descriptor’s cache mode to distributed in the liveconfig layer. This file is located at