The Business Control Center Admin Console lets you manage and troubleshoot deployments manually. The Admin Console can perform the following tasks:

Accessing the Admin Console

To access the Admin Console:

  1. Make sure the ATG asset management server is running.

  2. Log into the Business Control Center as a user who has access rights to the Admin Console generic activity. By default, the EPub-Admin or EPub-Super-Admin role provides this access (username and login publishing/publishing). For information on generic activity access, see Access to Generic Activities.

    You also need an ATG Portal role. See ATG Content Administration Users for more information.

  3. In the Home page, expand the ATG Content Administration option in the Operations list, and click Admin Console. Two options appear:

    • Configuration lets you configure target sites for deployment (see Define the Deployment Topology).

    • Overview displays summary information about the target sites that are set up for deployment and their status. You can obtain more detailed information about each target by clicking on the link under Site Name. This displays target site information in a series of tabs: Details, To Do, Plan, Projects, and Agents

    Note: The Overview pane displays sites according to the order that is set in the Configuration pane through the Site Priority controls.