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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

POST Overview

POST is a group of PROM-based tests that run when the host is powered on or reset. POST checks the basic integrity of the critical hardware components in the server.

You can also set other Oracle ILOM properties to control various other aspects of POST operations. For example, you can specify the events that cause POST to run, the level of testing POST performs, and the amount of diagnostic information POST displays. These properties are described in Oracle ILOM Properties That Affect POST Behavior.

If POST detects a faulty component, the component is disabled automatically. If the server is able to run without the disabled component, the server boots when POST completes its tests. For example, if POST detects a faulty processor core, the core is disabled, POST completes its test sequence, and the server boots using the remaining cores.

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