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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

PDU and AC Connections

These servers receive power from six PDU power cords, which provide power to the two PDUs in the rack. To ensure the redundant operation of the power supplies, the server must receive power from two separate power grids, with three power cords receiving power from one power grid and the remaining three PDU power cords receiving power from a second power grid. For example, in a SPARC M8-8 or SPARC M7-8 server, AC inputs labeled AC0, AC2, and AC4 are connected to one PDU, and AC inputs labeled AC1, AC3, and AC5 are connected to the other PDU. All six PDU power cords must be connected.

Refer to the rack documentation at http://www.oracle.com/goto/sunrackii/docs for more information about the PDUs and the racks used for these servers. Refer to the SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide for information about PDU and power cord specifications.