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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Prepare a Component for Return to Oracle

  1. Refer to the removal procedure for the component for any special repacking and shipping instructions.

    For example, refer to Return a CMIOU to Oracle for detailed information about packing and shipping a CMIOU.

  2. If the replacement included safety covers on the connectors, install the covers on the component that you are returning.


    Caution  -  You are required to properly install connector covers to prevent additional damage during shipping and aid Oracle in determining how the component failed. Ensure that connector covers are fully engaged and centered over connectors.

  3. In the shipping container that contained the replacement component:
    1. Using the same material used to pack the replacement component, position the component so that it is not free to move.
    2. Add any required paperwork or other documentation in the container.
    3. Except when packing CMIOUs, include any tools that were loaned to you by Oracle. Do not place tools inside a container that is being used to return a CMIOU.
  4. Close the shipping container and seal it with the packaging tape supplied by Oracle.
  5. Apply the shipping label to the shipping container.
  6. Notify Oracle or an authorized shipper that the carton container is ready for pickup.