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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Identify Faulted Components

The fmadm faulty displays a list of faults detected by PSH. You can run this command from either the host or through the Oracle ILOM fault management shell. This example shows how to check for faults through the Oracle ILOM fault management shell. You can also check for faults by typing show faulty at the Oracle ILOM prompt.

Note -  When you examine the output generated by running the fmadm faulty command, identify all components that require service so they can be replaced at the same time. Doing so will minimize down time and reduce service calls.
  1. At the Oracle ILOM prompt start the fault management shell, and then type fmadm faulty.
    -> start /SP/faultmgmt/shell
    Are you sure you want to start /SP/faultmgmt/shell (y/n)? y
    faultmgmtsp> fmadm faulty
    ------------------- ------------------------------------ ------------- --------
    Time                UUID                                 msgid         Severity
    ------------------- ------------------------------------ ------------- --------
        2014-10-27/10:20:25 18b66cdc-aa00-c614-a50f-eed199043bd7 SPT-8000-5X Major
    Problem Status    : open
    Diag Engine       : fdd 1.0
       Manufacturer   : Oracle Corporation
       Name           : SPARC M7-x
       Part_Number    : 32397701+7+1
       Serial_Number  : AK00192372
    Suspect 1 of 1
       Fault class  : fault.chassis.env.power.loss
       Certainty    : 100%
       Affects      : /SYS/PS9/SUPPLY
       Status       : faulted
          Status            : faulty
          Location          : /SYS/PS9
          Manufacturer      : Power-One, Inc.
          Name              : A261_POWER_SUPPLY
          Part_Number       : 7068817
          Revision          : 21
          Serial_Number     : 465776G+1320B2083P
             Manufacturer   : Oracle Corporation
             Name           : SPARC M7-x
             Part_Number    : 32397701+7+1
             Serial_Number  : AK00192372
    Description : A power supply AC input voltage failure has occurred.
    Response    : The service-required LED on the affected power supply and
                  chassis will be illuminated.
    Impact      : Server will be powered down when there are insufficient
                  operational power supplies.
    Action      : Please refer to the associated reference document at
                  http://support.oracle.com/msg/SPT-8000-5X for the latest
                  service procedures and policies regarding this diagnosis.

    In this example, a fault is displayed that includes these details:

    • Date and time of the fault (2014-10-27/10:20:25).

    • UUID (18b66cdc-aa00-c614-a50f-eed199043bd7), which is unique to each fault.

    • Message identifier (SPT-8000-5X), which can be used to obtain additional fault information from Knowledge Base articles.

  2. Use the message ID to obtain more information about this type of fault.
    1. Obtain the message ID from console output.
    2. Go to https://support.oracle.com, and search on the message ID in the Knowledge tab, or copy the URL in the Action field into a browser.
  3. Follow the suggested actions to repair the fault.
  4. If you found a fault that must be removed manually, go to Clear a Fault Manually.

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