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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Service Manual

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Updated: September 2017

Determine Which DIMM Is Faulty (Oracle ILOM)

  • At the Oracle ILOM prompt, type show faulty.

    The following output might be slightly different, depending on the server in use.

    -> show faulty
    Target                  | Property       | Value
    /SP/faultmgmt/0         | fru            | /SYS/CMIOU1/CM/CMP/BOB11/CH1/DIMM
    /SP/faultmgmt/0/faults/0| class          | fault.memory.dimm
    /SP/faultmgmt/0/faults/0| sunw-msg-id    | SPSUN4V-8000-CQ
    /SP/faultmgmt/0/faults/ | component      | /SYS/CMIOU1/CM/CMP/BOB11/CH1/DIMM
    /SP/faultmgmt/0/faults/ | uuid           | 99209d8f-38ce-e9dc-95fd-c0200...
    /SP/faultmgmt/0/faults/ | timestamp      | 2014-09-07/13:12:35

    The first line of the preceding output shows the CMIOU number, buffer chip number, and DDR channel number. See DIMM Names for information about the slot numbers on the CMIOU.

    Note -  If two DIMMs are reported as faulty, replace both of the DIMMs.

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